Bosnia and Herzegovina

Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina

The main objectives and activities of Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina include the realization of peaceful and sustainable future in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region through education, networking and cooperation of youth with the aim of developing mutual respect and cultural, religious and ethnic tolerance in the international environment, as well as raising awareness of social problems, injustice, humanitarian work through domestic and international projects. HiA Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a partner of MICC since 2012. Together with their partners they have been implementing a spin-off of MICC in the Western Balkans.


HERMES CommuniAction

As an NGO that brings together people from different professional backgrounds, HERMES has the goal of using non-formal education methods to teach about history, promote human rights and engage with discrimination and prejudice in society.

The mission of HERMES is education for democratic citizenship, through developing and applying innovative (non-formal) educational programs with a view to promoting non-violent communication methods such as structured and critical thinking, active listening and radical empathy as conflict resolution/prevention tools.

HERMES CommuniAction has been a partner of MICC since 2010. Together with their partners they have been implementing a spin-off of MICC in the Western Balkans.


Unitas Foundation

The Unitas Foundation was established in 2008 with the mission to build reconciliation within and between societies divided by totalitarianism. We engage primarily in education and awareness raising activities, as well as support research into history and history education. We believe in the protection and universality of human rights, and in the rule of law.

The Unitas Foundation aims to enhance cohesion and understanding between countries belonging to the same economic and cultural space that have been pulled apart by the geopolitical realities of the aftermath of World War II. To achieve this, we dedicate our activities to improving knowledge of human rights, the scope of past and present crimes against humanity and to raising general awareness of the full extent and social significance of totalitarianism.

Unitas Foundation has successfully implementing a spin-off of MICC and they developed MICC Goes to School. Unitas has been a partner of MICC since 2010.


Eesti Pagulasabi (Estionian Refugee Council)

Estonian Refugee Council's activities can be divided into four broad categories:

  1. assistance with cultural, social and labour market integration of refugees;
  2. raising public awareness on refugee issues in Estonia;
  3. advocacy work and representation of refugee interest;
  4. providing humanitarian aid outside of Estonia.

Eesti Pagulasabi has been a partner of MICC since 2014.


International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE)

The main aims of the IAIE include:

• To examine the implications of the societal contexts of
  education and the relationship between society, nation state
  and the international contexts and the situation of individuals,
  groups and minorities within them.

• To contribute to the development and implementation of
  intercultural education and issues of education in
  multicultural societies.

• To promote the exchange of information, knowledge and
  materials about all relevant issues concerning education in
  multicultural societies amongst teachers, teacher trainers,
  and professionals working in curriculum development,
  research and educational policy.

• To initiate, react and respond to activities in the field of   education of international and national organizations.

IAIE has been a partner of MICC World since 2011.


Associacao Internacional Intercultural Projects and Research (A2IIPR)

A2IIPR has been a partner of MICC School since 2012.



Otvorena komunikacija (Open Communication)

Open Communication is an organization devoted to improving the culture of dialogue. It was founded in 1997 by students and professors at the University of Belgrade and modeled after debate clubs at prestigious European university centers. So far, more than 1200 students have completed its educational programs in debate, communication skills, critical thinking, argumentation, case-building and public speaking. Otvorena komunikacija has been a partner of MICC since 2012. Together with their partners they have been implementing a spin-off of MICC in the Western Balkans.


Öresund för integration och utveckling ekonomisk förening

Öresund has been a partner of MICC since 2014.


National University "Odessa Law Academy"

The university is a higher educational institution in Odessa. It was founded in 1997. Today NU "OAL" is the center of legal education, culture and science of Ukraine, leading higher educational institution of jurisprudence. the university has been a partner of MICC University since 2011.