MICC is a method and approach that is the common essence for different projects. Some MICC's focus on University students, while others are meant for high schoolers. Sometimes at MICC, we try to get groups from three or more continents while other times we facilitate neighbourly cooperation between European countries. As every MICC differs from the other ones, sometimes we are financially supported by different actors. We're listing three of them here on the page together, and are humbled and grateful by their continuous effort to make MICC possible for youth all over the world.



The Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)

In remembrance of the victims of National Socialist injustice, the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” upholds its commitment to the survivors and works to promote human rights and understanding between peoples.

The Foundation EVZ is an expression of the continuing political and moral responsibility of the state, the private sector and society as a whole for National Socialist injustice and towards the victims.

The projects operate in the following areas:

  • A critical examination of history
  • Working for Human Rights
  • Commitment to the victims of National Socialism.



Reinhard Frank Foundation

The Reinhard Frank Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity under German civil law. It was founded in Hamburg in 2001. International understanding among people lay at the founder Reinhard Frank's heart, also on the background of his own experiences during the time of National Socialism. The founder was engaged above all in Israel, the USA and in Germany, as well as in England and Switzerland. The foundation stands in this tradition.

Politically, ideologically and religiously, the foundation is neutral. It does not promote any projects, activities and institutions which are oriented to pursue political viewpoints or ideological and religious doctrines.

The foundation’s purpose is:

  •          the promotion of education and teaching,
  •          the promotion of science and research,
  •          the promotion of youth aid and
  •          the pursuit of benevolent purposes in the meaning of the German fiscal code.

Erasmus +

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work.