Onuronon a learning and leadership institute in Dhaka, works to enables interdependent leadership within and across systems to advance the greater good. Developing the capacity of youth, who are the key human resources and future of the country helps to contribute towards sustaining development. Onuronon has been a partner of MICC World since 2013. In 2014, Onuronon facilitated an MICC Training of Trainers.


Tabeetha School


Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya Model United Nations

The Model UN Club operates within the Lauder School of Government, to prepare a delegation of students to travel to and participate in the annual international model UN conference, which is the biggest and most prestigious conference of its kind, hosted by Harvard University. The central aspect of the conference is a simulation of the activities of various committees and bodies that are part of the United Nations. There are UN simulations in over 90 countries around the world; including at the UN club of IDC Herzliya. The program encourages the students participating in it to become tomorrow’s leaders in business, politics and diplomacy. In 2015, IDC MUN hosted an MICC University preperation seminar.


Theik Khar Myanmar Institute

The institute aims to develop a younger generation of local and grassroots change-makers who undertake civic initiatives in their respective communities. We believe that young people are the key to sustaining long-term educational, social, economic and political development. In line with this belief, Theik Khar Myanmar Institute (TKMI) empowers the spirit of caring and sharing and increases educational, political and spiritual growth among youth to take charge of social deeds. TKMI is unique in providing practical skills through leadership capacity building, civic education and enhancing the social, political, cultural and economic awareness of youth at the local and grassroots level. Relevant young stakeholders are particularly included in a process of systematic planning for long-term change. TKMI has implemented various activities that include youth education, peace building, civic education, interfaith dialogue discussions and seminars, youth knowledge exchange programs, monthly donation activities to the poor and visits to HIV patients, aged and orphan homes. Moreover, our institute increases the awareness of youth regarding health and hygiene, sexual health, environmental conservation and gender issues. Theik Khar Myanmar Institute  has been a partner of MICC World since 2014.


Vietnam and Friends (VAF)

Vietnam and Friends is a Vietnamese non-government organization. Our guidelines are the universal human rights; equality & no discrimination, freedom & independence, tolerance & respect, solidarity and peace. We want to keep the spirit of dedication and creativity alive among our volunteers and us and we want to reach our goals through teamwork.
VAF gathers local and international volunteers to support disadvantaged people in Vietnam and to take care of environmental problems. Vietnam and Friends has been a partner of MICC World since 2011.