Centro Ana Frank

Based on the great interest by the Argentine audience in the story of Anne Frank, in 2009 a permanent partner organisation of the Anne Frank House in Buenos Aires, Argentina was established: Centro Ana Frank Argentina. In the Center, the museum features several rooms that are modelled after the famous hiding place in Amsterdam. Another part of the museum is dedicated to the military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983 and the situation of human rights today.

As part of its mission to mobilise young people, most of the educational programmes for students in the Centro Ana Frank are run by volunteers aged 15 to 25.

Furthermore, the Anne Frank Centre is developing teaching materials in Braille and sign language for deaf or visually impaired people. Visits are insured in sign language by young deaf guides who are part of the permanent volunteers staff.

Centro Ana Frank has been a partner of MICC World since 2013. They hosted an MICC Training of Trainers in September 2014.

USA - New Mexico

New Mexico Human Rights Projects (NMHRP)

Begun in 1995, NMHRP provides unique, hands-on programs that engage students intellectually and emotionally to think about the choices they make when confronted with prejudice, racism, violence and discrimination.  Using lessons learned from history, addressing the dynamics of bullying, and encouraging a dialogue on social and racial injustice, NMHRP seeks to challenge our most basic understanding of human nature and encourage youth to be more respectful, compassionate and empathic human beings. New Mexico Human Rights Projects has been a partner of MICC School since 2013.