MICC School in Krzyzowa - November 2017


The second MICC School in 2017 hosted 45 participants from Germany, Poland, United States and Israel from November 19th to November 24th in Krzyzowa, Poland.

The second MICC School this year was suffused with students’ high level of motivation, energy and interest in the topic of human rights and the international criminal law. During the first part of the project, students took part in discussions about human rights concepts and reflected on both historical and contemporary cases of human rights violations. This introduction has been followed by situating three different war related criminal cases in its historical context and subsequently approached by students from the roles of prosecutors, defenders and judges. Through a simulation of legal proceedings students have raised numerous critical questions and constructively debated about the issues related to the international criminal law and human rights. Press team covered the happenings in Krzyzowa about which you can find more in the newspapers Krzyzowa Daily and the movie MICC School 2017 under our "Past projects" section.