MICC School in Krzyzowa January/February 2017


The first MICC School in 2017 hosted 60 high school students from Lebanon, Tunisia, Poland, Turkey and Germany from 28th Janury to 3rd February in Krzyzowa, Poland.


The first 2017 MICC School had been held in already traditional location of Krzyzowa, Poland where 60 enthusiastic high school students gathered in order to explore and learn more about the intersection of human rights and international criminal law. Winter atmosphere in Krzyzowa was accompanied by a warm introductory session in which students shared their cultural characteristic such as dance, food and historical content in a funny and interactive way. The core of the project, was however, marked with students' activity in a simulation of legal proceedings of historical war related criminal cases whereby students took on the roles of prosecutors, defenders and judges. As usual, press team was in charge of covering the happenings in Krzyzowa and you can find the outcome of their hard work (newspapers The MICC Observer and the movie MICC School 2017) under our "Past projects" section.