Kreisau-Initiative endorses Victor Ochen's and AYINET's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015


We are thrilled by the nomination of Victor Ochen and the African Youth Initiative Network for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

Since 2011, Kreisau-Initiative has been AYINET’s proud partner in building a better tomorrow by engaging with the wounds from the past. There are many ways to rebuild a post-conflict society, but as long as individuals are still suffering the pain and traumas created in a conflict, we cannot move forward to a constructive future. By focusing on removing the prolonged physical and emotional effects of the violence the victims in Uganda were subjected to, AYINET is creating transitional justice tools that are emphatic, personal and remedying.

To foster positive change, it is not only enough to deal with the immediate effects of a conflict, but also to ensure a critical mass of future change makers and peace builders. AYINET makes sure their work is sustainable and that they serve as a basis for building a healthier society by focusing on youth programs for future leaders, activists and policy makers who can help shape the society in a way no individual actor can. We have collaborated with Victor and AYINET in their efforts to engage the youth in understanding law as a tool for human rights.

AYINET is collaborating with us in our project Model International Criminal Court (MICC) in providing legal and human rights trainings to high school and university students as well as teachers and educators. Working together on the MICC, we try and ensure a global network of young people with understanding and appreciation of International Criminal Law and subjects related to it. Together, these young people can make sure that the future of International Law is accountable, transparent and universal. Having witnessed firsthand what a force for betterment AYINET is, we would like to congratulate them on the nomination and invite our friends, partners and supporters to join us in endorsing the vital work Victor and AYINET do for the future of their region and the global interpretation of justice.

Nina Lüders,
Executive Director of Kreisau-Initiative